Frequently Asked Questions About Local & Long Distance Moving and Storage in the Mathews, Gloucester, & Williamsburg, VA Areas

Frequently Asked Questions about Moving

Moving and storage in VirginiaWe have tried to put together a simple collection of the best answers & solutions to some of the most common gray areas associated with moving. We do hope it helps make a very stressful time a little less so.

Most stress is self generated by worrying so much about the move itself. Tell the guys about any special situations when they first arrive and then stand back and let them do their job. You will end up with a better move and probably some things to laugh about later.

So, communication, organization, & simplicity, in our opinion, would be the key ingredients to a less stressful move & possibly make a great move happen. We hope the following questions and answers will help with your moving concerns.

How do I begin packing?
Packing is one of the most important aspects of your move. It is recommended that you have the proper moving boxes. The ones that you can get from supermarkets may be free, but they're not nearly as strong or padded. They are more susceptible to causing damage to your valuables. They may also harbor insect eggs that may react to the warmth of the house. If interested in used boxes, placing an ad may help you locate used moving boxes in your community.

Should we tip the movers?
Treat this situation as you would if you were in a restaurant. Tipping is a good way to say Thank You for a job well done. If you are not pleased with the men's effort, then don't tip. How Much?...The average tip for a local move is 7-12% of the total bill. The average tip for long distance moves is $3-$5 per hour based on the labor. Compensate each mover separately to acknowledge the hard work by everyone involved in the relocation.

Should I pack my clothes in a chest or dresser drawers?
Lightweight clothing - sweaters, shirts, blouses, & lingerie, may be left in the drawers. Do not fill the drawers with heavy items such as books, table linens or sheets, which can damage the piece of furniture during transit. Be careful NOT to leave fragile items, money, jewelry, watches, pictures or other valuables in the drawers, as well as anything that might spill or leak.

How about food?
Don't pack any if going into storage. Frozen food can be moved, but only under specific, limited conditions. Fresh & perishable items can be moved if traveling less than 150 miles and/or delivery will take place in less than 24 hours from the time of loading.

Can I take plants?
Locally (30 miles or less) some movers will, so ask ahead. On long distance moves, it's really not worth trying. Extreme light and temperatures are to blame; something movers cannot control. Transporting in your car is about the only way to successfully move house plants.

How & when should I pay?
Most movers, whether they move you locally or long distance, demand payment before they will unload the moving van. They will only take cash, traveler's check, money order or cashier's check. Some will take credit cards for interstate moves, but not local moves. They will not take personal checks. At Crawford Moving & Storage, Inc., we have always thought being so hard nosed about payment is kind of a slap in the customer's face. If you can trust us with all your earthly belongings, the least we can do is to trust you to pay us for services. Personal checks are fine. Payment is expected when the job is complete, not upon arrival.

Can my possessions be stored temporarily?
Not a problem. If you are unable to take immediate possession of your new residence, your belongings can be stored at our climate controlled warehouse. If your goods are placed in storage, there will be an additional charge for storage, warehouse valuation & final delivery charges from the warehouse.

Guns & Ammo?
Best to take yourself.

we will move it on a local basis however, most movers will not; either locally or long distance.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to call us at (804) 725-2555 or contact us via email us here.