DHL & UPS Authorized Pack and Ship Services in the Mathews, Gloucester, &
Williamsburg, VA Areas

Joyce's Pack and Ship Authorized DHL and UPS Shipping Outlet

Authorized DHL Shipping Outlet

UPS United Parcel Service

Owner Joyce Crawford is ready to help with Shipping and Packing Services Monday through Friday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

  • DHL and UPS Ground Services
  • Experienced Full Service Packing
  • Packing and Shipping Supplies Available
  • Drop Off and Receiving Services
  • Copy, Fax, & Notary Services

Even if you choose to use somebody other than Crawford Moving and Storage, Inc., we would still enjoy helping you with your moving supplies. Located within our facilities is Joyce's Pack & Ship store. We carry all the supplies that you'll need for moving, packaging, and shipping. Below are some supplies you that you may consider:

Small Box - Measures 16"x12"x12" - Often Called a book box. Use this size box for tools, books, record albums, and other heavy objects.

Medium Box - Measures 18"x18"x16" - This box is the work horse. 80% of what you pack should go in this size box.

Large Box - Measures 18"x18"x24" - Ideal for light bulky items such as lamp shades, pillows, and towels.

Wardrobe Box - Measures 24"x21"x48" - Designed for clothes, can also be used for unusually tall delicate items.

Mirror Boxes - Size Varies - Used for pictures, mirrors, and flat items such as platters or glass table tops

Other Supplies:

Floor protection, carpet protection, upholstery & bedding wrap, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, all kinds of tape & more.