Why Choose Crawford Moving & Storage, Inc. for Your Next Move?

Crawford Moving & Storage, Inc. is an independently owned company, operated by the Crawford Family since 1973.

"Thank You Mathews County and surrounding areas for such great warmth and support for our
39th Anniversary Celebration! You made us feel Proud!"

Greg, Joyce, & the Guys!

For Gordon and Libby Crawford, owning their own business was a goal many years down the road after military retirement...But a moving and storage company in Virginia? Never in their wildest dreams.

The Crawfords purchased an existing furniture store (Bassett Music & Gas Co.) in 1973 - Liquidated it in 1978. Friends casually asked, " You have an empty building and truck; why not put my furniture in storage while I go on my long-planned boat trips?" And from that a beginning!

There were many bumps along the way. Converting the building, learning about storage contracts, placing ads and by trial and error, learning the many Moving Industry Regulations.

For Gordon, Libby and their family, time moved on...They went before the ICC and with the help of many good friends, customers, chamber members and county officials, obtained their license to move goods across the state of Virginia.

Today, that one building and one truck and one employee has grown into three buildings, nine trucks, and eighteen-twenty employees...and a climate controlled storage facility at our Mathews, VA location.

In 2011, we added U Load-Wee Haul and can put together small loads to go anywhere in the USA. During these recession years that has helped to keep the trucks and crews moving. Crawford Moving thanks you for the continued support.

The moving of your household goods will be personally supervised by one of our family members or another of our dedicated long-term employees, thereby assuring you of their personal care of your belongings.

We will make every effort to give you the most accurate estimate as possible of your moving expenses. Our estimate will help you anticipate your approximate expense and help us anticipate packing requirements and van space needed. It is important to remember, however, that this is an "estimate" and it may change should you have additional requirements or unusual situations are encountered during the move.

Our estimate covers only the articles and services checked and listed. Actual numbers of containers packed will be counted and charged on our freight bill at applicable tariff rates. We ask that you please provide as much information as possible about unusual situations on either end so your estimates will be more accurate.

We have put together a simple collection of the best answers & solutions to some of the most common gray areas associated with moving. We do hope it helps make a very stressful time a little less so. If you can't find the answer a question you might have, feel free to give us a call. Let Crawford Moving and Storage, Inc. be your mover of choice for your next relocation!

 "We can move your cherished household goods around the corner, across the state, or to any of the 48"

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